Ilya Taranov

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2007, Moscow State University, Russia

Faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics

equiv. to Master's Degree in Mathematics and System Programming


Cross-platform development (C, C++)

DBMS kernel internals

Concurrent algorithms

C Java C++14 (STL, Boost) PL/SQL Python Bash JavaScript

GNU toolchain (gcc, gdb) Oracle Database git cmake Visual Studio Postgres XML XQuery XSLT Latex

I have a total of 12+ years of experience in commercial software development, including over 8 years developing the database management systems. The problems I deal with always require keeping in mind scalability, high availability and the need for optimization at many levels.


Oracle America
Principal Member of Technical Stuff
October 2012

Database kernel developer, currently working on Oracle Sharding.

Oracle Sharding and Global Data Services

As part of Oracle Sharding implemented Data-dependent routing framework to be used at every level (client, listener and database).

For Global Data Services participated in implemenation of Runtime Load Balancing, notably created a fully cutomizable workload simulator.

Oracle Notification Server

Totally redesigned and reimplemented Oracle Notification Server for new scalability requirements with complete backword compatibility in mind.

Institute for System Programming, Russian Academy of Science
Researcher, Developer, Architect
October 2007 – October 2012

Full-time software developer position, which also required working with students, teaching database design, leading various educational programs.

Sedna, open-sourced native XML Database System

Improved value indecies for existing B-tree and a implemented a novel on-disk compressed prefix tree representation.

Introduced a framework for debugging internal representation, which at the end made the engine extremely robust.

Texterra, a toolkit for text mining

Implemented critical algorithms using GPGPU, developed Android applications for demonstration of Texterra features.

Moscow State University, Faculty of Sociology
System Administrator
September 2005 – June 2007

Performed maintenance of hardware, software and related infrastructure, including a number of FreeBSD servers, Faculty LAN and computer room. Supported research projects, which required software development (Delphi, Postgres, Web development) and data analisys (SPSS).

(Small Russian Geosoft company)
Software Developer
2000 – 2009

A part time job, which included building UIs and developing supporting algorithms for geological exploration data analysis.

Developed integration for existing products with AutoCAD Landscape, ESRI ArcInfo. Created a library for index on large arrays of spacial data using R-trees


Efficient Implementation of XQuery Constructor Expressions
Leonid Novak, Maxim Grinev, Ilya Taranov


Sedna: Native XML Database Management System (Internals Overview)
Ilya Taranov, Ivan Shcheklein, Alexander Kalinin, Leonid Novak, Sergei Kuznetsov et al.

SIGMOD'10, June 6--11, 2010, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA.

Using prefix trees for searching text strings with disk-based storage (in Russian)
Ilya Taranov

Proceedings of the Institute for System Programming of RAS, volume 20, 2011. ISSN 2079-8156.